Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Grow your blog 2015

Today is the Grow your blog party hosted by Vicky at 2bagsfull. I like to take part at it and looking forward to find interesting blogs from people arround the world.

My name is Christina, I live in Vienna and my blog is some kind of diary for all the hobbies that are important to me. Even though I consider my english not that bad, I prefer to blog more pictures than text. So if you have a little time I hope you enjoy my fotonovela.

What will you find here?
First of all, a lot of my needlework projects, like knitting

and crochet things, preferably doilies

also some stiching

and patchwork projects.

 Be aware, that you will find a lot of WIP's here and probably no further update on it for a decade or so... ;-)

But eventually all the projects will be finished - even If some mean flatmates are determined to sabotage it.

Another big love is my garden.

I grow mostly vegetables and herbs. On the patio there are mediterrenean plants and to please the eye  there are also some flowers. I will tell you about planting

and give you a midsummer update

and hopefully proudly present the harvest

You will find flowers:

and vegetables

 and some wildlife

and not-so-wild life:

and of course those chasing wildlife

which leades me to my next obsession - my cats. The porch climber above is Daphne, she is 8 years old and a european shorthair with the skeleton of an asian breed.

Amy might have some DNA form a britisch shorthair, but is mostly simple housecat too and with her 10 years the senior. My beauty has the rare silver tabby in her fur and all three colors on her tiny nose.

The newest addition is Perseus the very young stray who moved in a couple of month ago. He is so full of mischief!

Garfield is a stray who visits me for his breakfast and dinner every day. Allthough he's been here for five years I am still not allowed to touch him.

As much as I like to devote my life to my hobbies I also have and unfortunately need a fulltime job, so please be not upset if you find quite large breaks between the posts.

I hope I drew your interest - maybe we meet again on here or on your blog... :-)